The Secret II Youth–a literary thought by Aurelio Villa Luna Diaz

Olive Oil…primarily is proven to combat weak heart valves. Dietary contamination or genetic casualties, nevertheless. It can Photoshop crow’s feet right off your face & tinge the mother organ bronze like spearheads. Lips will retain bee stung plumpness, pronounced Grecian features. It will shimmer ashiness & have the neighbors wondering, “What’s your real age?”

Salmon…the Hollywood magazines herald as an instant facelift. The affordable & accessible alternative to collagen or botox. It’s pink, fatty flesh will help you to achieve age 17 or relive the summer of 1990 when En Vogue, Bell Biv DeVoe, & Sinead O’Connor dominated the airwaves.

Skinny Jeans…(otherwise known as denim hosiery or nut hugging fuckery) will aid you in squeezing your desperation in two legged limitation. What makes this a gateway to youth is the fact that just about everyone, well everyone who’s anyone, is doing it. Nevermind if you can’t properly situation your dick & balls to the left or right, because you are youthful…looking. A bandwagon of fads in the form of cotton warp-faced spandex is paramount to embodying youthfulness.

The Snow…Queen Winter’s regal frost cavalry will capsulate your being in polar ice caps suspension. If you are lucky, you will graduate to glacial deposits in the scope of Freezdom. The salt of the snow will preserve you like wooly mammoth or Noah’s Ark. The chill of the snow will tighten skin back to infancy. The glittery glints from each flake will travel within your eyes—darting deeply into your being—leaving you wondering, endlessly, what force is behind such marvels.

The Wind…A maelstrom of invisibility racing to either embrace you or banish you. It can rob roof tops & destroy trees of iron. It can disintegrate sweat drops because it is gilded with grace & perfected with might. When you are out of line & misbehave, it will blow the litter that you pitched on the ground, right back in your face. It is nature’s natural consequence; the quintessential master of cause & effect. When you continue to take accountability for the unseen things that you do, say, & think then thank the wind, for it is the wind that liberates stagnation.

Forgiveness…knows no ill feelings or grudges. Forgiveness is realistic & doesn’t take it to heart if someone breaks its favorite toy. Forgiveness is a velvet blanket of sky; you see it because it’s sightly but it’s so impossible to reach up to touch. Most people make no effort to reach. As a result, they are susceptible to premature aging. Absence of forgiveness can be evident in others. Be alerted by their quarry sized pores that breed corn starch. Absence of forgiveness will result in strained heart & remorse on the deathbed. Forgiveness doesn’t promise happily ever after & order. But if forgiveness is embodied, you will forever soar dimensions above the velvet blanket sky into a consciousness of self-awareness; a cosmic Mount Sinai.

Dreams….the type that permit you to break free from the leash of the past, to be exact. Some claim to never dream. Do not succumb to those conditions. Remember what it was in your childhood that you dreamt about & then embark on capturing it. Reevaluate methods to rekindle those missed opportunities. It will flood you with purpose or abandoned bliss. Remember what it is in your present mode that you dream of embarking on. From there create a blueprint to execute it. Always ask questions & never settle for black & white…engulf the brown, red, and yellows. Dreams are rebels that ache to be unharnessed. They are wild mustangs & wind. They are your vitamins. Dreams facilitate the universe whispering to you the secrets of prosperity. Dreams should not be relegated to mere imagination.

© Aurelio Villa Luna Diaz

Aurelio likes to write. Aurelio Villa enjoys movement. Aurelio Villa Luna sounds better with pencil. Aurelio Villa Luna Diaz sings to the Moon. There’s nothing else to expand on.


One thought on “The Secret II Youth–a literary thought by Aurelio Villa Luna Diaz

  1. Awesome posting. I especially like the forgiveness and dreams section. Yes, I wear skinny jean… and am looking good in them.


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