Two Poems–by Rony Nair


The old tyre shops still backfill
the crater with tyres, themselves
in dissension.
The roads have given way;
they’re now landfills
of grime.

The staccato bursts
are not tyres in retreat.
They’re the newest metro rigmarole,
the newest development spin.

The air
of air,
like clam.
Populated with thousands of tyres.
No second thoughts
when passing
my Sanctified grounds.

I once stood by,
4 hours after we met,
and a white taxi
with nitrogen in its wheels
almost took my knees out,

and you asked me,
a little short of breath,
to climb in.

I took your hand that day,
the first time,
and you blushed.

There’s a first time for everything.
There’s been none since.

© Rony Nair

Springsteen and Pantomimes

and so get by
on a pantomime reel
with one hero slipping
on apple peels,
ready for the wind wane
and the deluge of spit
throttling intent
bereft of crypts.

do you remember
sprinting down the slopes
when your mother looked at us
and pretended not to see
the unseen.

who knew that the slope would never
stop slipping.

© Rony Nair

Rony Nair slogs as an oil and gas Risk Management expert/ director/ Vice President/consultant—up on the greasy pole! His work requires him to travel extensively, often into dangerous regions. But that’s his day job. The one that pays for bread and bills.
Rony’s been writing poetry since 1985 and was a published columnist with the Indian Express in the early 1990’s. He is also a published photographer and writes a regular column for two online journals. Rony has been profiled by the Economic Times of Delhi and has also written for them.
He cites V.S Naipaul, A.J Cronin, Patrick Hamilton, Alan Sillitoe, John Braine and Nevil Shute in addition to FS Fitzgerald as influences on his life; and Philip Larkin, Dom Moraes and Ted Hughes as his personal poetry idols.

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