Two Poems — Poetry by Jordan Spencer

Lilies and Candies

my heart is empty,

I must confess.


I see myself


with loathing &


I live


cruelly     unseen

perfumed limbs

   hung      with

scraps of

cool blue

she is compact but comfortable
on a sidewalk bench, alone
balancing a pear between
floating fingers

she smelled like

held too long


a department store tincture

of lilies & candies

I cannot hear
what you’ve said

if at all possible

I would really prefer

to stay cornered —

her leather boots

brick & barrel

hit the tile

the smoke smells like

butter, salt, & lye

what I breathe on this floor

is stiff and creased

touch the key

as a reminder

I am splattered




vague intentions for coming to city


only empty rooms

only the man+woman

no names

Jordan Spencer lives in Columbus, Ohio where he runs a small publishing imprint called Painted Door Press. Through this press he has published two chapbooks of his poetry and an art/writing magazine titled Woodwasp, the third issue of which will be out in Autumn 2015. In addition to the press he also runs the avant-garde cassette label Cabin Floor Esoterica which has been releasing music and sound art from around the world since 2009. More info on both projects can be found at


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