Two Poems — Poetry by John Greiner

Flower Photos at the Museum

So many photos
are taken in
the museum
with the fake flowers
that need
no one ever
looks at the vase
in which they’re placed
or the table underneath




going down
I’ve got a meeting
at the Oyster Bar
I don’t like fish
they’ve got
for the Christmas
this is the season
to buy socks
the beautiful girls
spend so much
time in the Metro North
train’s restrooms
they hide in spite
of the fact that
it is off-peak
and the tickets
are relatively cheap
we’re going
to Harlem
or heaven
or where
in the hell ever


© John Greiner, 2015

John Greiner’s poetry and fiction has appeared in numerous magazines including Street Value, Newtown Literary, BlazeVOX, Sein und Werden and  H_NGM_N.   His chapbooks, pamphlets and collections of short stories include, Bodega Roses (Good Cop/Bad Cop Press), Modulation Age (Wandering Head Press) Shooting Side Glances (ISMs Press) andRelics From a Hell’s Kitchen Pawn Shop, (Ronin Press).  Greiner’s most recent chapbook of poetry, Turnstile Burlesque, will be published by Crisis Chronicles in September of 2015.


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