Right of Asylum — Poetry by Tom Sheehan

I tuck you in, wooled,

The last stray sardine

Into Norwegian tinning,

Housed and harbored


For one more night.

Your eyelashes never

Longer than this hour,

Or cheeks so berried.


The global streetlight,

Less dazzle than gleam,

Warm as a cup of honey,

Pales ingots on your face


And struggles for corners.

It fall short of hockey

Gloves at one more drying out,

a mitt tired of winter


and the long, still nights

loosening the clutter of these days

sounding their hard languages

where debris daily piles up.


I marvel at the memories

Shared with this night;

Fifty years ago squinting

At my father’s squinting at me,


The soft moon of his face

Leaping on my woolen landscape;

His breath heavy, warm, ripe,

Like a crock full of home made beer,


His hands clumsy at adjusting

Even the thinnest of my shrouds.

I often thought he let me know,

By such ruse, he attended darkness.


I should tug at you but I won’t.

I’ll accept the moon and silence

And your lying like a submarine,

Bottomed, only dreams inside.


©Tom Sheehan



Tom Sheehan‘s latest books are Sons of Guns, Inc. from Nazar Look, Romania; from Pocol Press isThe Nations, about Native Americans. Next is Where Skies Grow Wide. His print/eBooks are Epic Cures; Brief Cases, Short Spans; A Collection of Friends; From the Quickening, Korean Echoes, and The Westering, nominated for National Book Award. eBooks, from Danse Macabre are Murder at the Forum,Death of a Lottery Foe, Death by Punishment and An Accountable Death. He has work in KYSO Flash,Indiana Voice Journal, The Path, Rosebud, Linnet’s Wings, Copperfield Review, Literary Orphans,Frontier Tales, Belle Reve Journal, Provo Canyon Review, Eastlit, Western Online, Wilderness House Literary Review, Serving House Journal, You are Here, Nazar Look, 3 A.M. Magazine, etc. Sheehan served in 31st Infantry Regiment, Korea 1951.


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