A Poem by Bianca Coggiola

i was chiming in with life i was
mastering voodoo even
i drank six glasses of water
every day, as they say, and
i waited for it to be
too soon

i want a house by the bay some
peace and quiet where
i’ll drink six glasses a day
or make it ten i’ll never
be sad except when there is
a full moon

perhaps you’d come visit
me perhaps in may, we’d drink
six gallons of rain, you’d say
such a vast happiness, i’d show you
my old and impressive array
of sharp tools

a knife a saw and a spade, what if
we cut below by the roots
our bodies will wander away
and burst like impossible noons

Bianca Coggiola was born in São Paulo, Brazil. Her work has appeared in some local journals dedicated to poetry and she is currently preparing her first collection of poems for publication, in Portuguese, her mother tongue. Working as a translator for years, she occasionally tries her hand at writing in English, and the results of one of such experiments can be seen above.

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